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Robertet and Interstellar Lab join forces to revolutionize production of plant-based natural ingredients

28.09.23 By Interstellar Lab & Robertet

Robertet and Interstellar Lab join forces to revolutionize production of plant-based natural ingredients

Robertet is pursuing its strategy of innovation in the natural ingredients with the acquisition of a first BioPod, AI-controlled biofarm developed by Interstellar Lab, which accelerates plant growth and optimizes plant molecular composition, while minimizing environmental impact of soil-less cultivation.

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Robertet & Interstellar Lab


This initiative aims to further agronomic research in the industries of fragrance, flavors, and well-being.

Robertet, world leader in natural raw materials, is the first industrial player in fragrances and flavors to acquire a BioPod. This first contract with the biotech startup Interstellar Lab, a visionary player in biofarming, will enable Robertet to accelerate its knowledge of the living, while reducing its environmental footprint for precision agriculture.

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BioPod is a sustainable cultivation tool that anticipates the challenges of sourcing and the environmental impact of producing natural ingredients. BioPod is a 11m long, 5m wide and 6m high deployable greenhouse, which can be installed without a foundation and offers up to 100m2 of highly-controlled growing space. This autonomous cocoon, a terrestrial adaptation of a system originally developed for NASA, operates in a semi-closed circuit, optimizing the water cycle and capturing ambient CO2. Its transparent membrane captures sunlight and reduces the energy consumption of artificial light. Equipped with sensors and its own artificial intelligence, BioPod recreates climates autonomously, enabling the production of high-value-added plants and natural ingredients in a sustainable and replicable way. Thanks to cutting-edge technologies and automated control using an algorithmic approach, BioPod maintains ideal conditions for plant growth and molecular composition, while significantly reducing cultivation surface, water and energy consumption.

This investment comes in addition to the 14 research and creation centers dedicated to exploring the world of natural ingredients to offer products and solutions to Robertet Group customers.

The arrival of this BioPod in Grasse illustrates Robertet's innovation strategy: using cutting-edge technologies to offer our customers the best natural products for a more sustainable industry. We are doing this with a recognized pioneer in biofarming.

Jérome Bruhat (CEO of Robertet)

”We are looking forward to kick-off our collaboration with Interstellar Lab, an exceptional partner. We are already engaged in several research programs to prepare the future of aromatic plants agronomy, and we are excited to accelerate this research thanks to the remarkable performance of the BioPod. We are determined to continue transforming our industry,” explains Julien Maubert, Director of the Raw Materials Division and in charge of the Interstellar project.

“We are delighted to be bringing BioPods to market with Robertet, as our first partner, a leading French, natural ingredients group with unrivalled experience and expertise in cultivating Earth natural resources. We share many common values, such as the preservation of biodiversity. With the BioPod, we are offering a solution to the industry’s ecological transition. We harness technology to benefit the living.” adds Barbara Belvisi, founder and CEO of Interstellar Lab.

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