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Interstellar Lab paves the way to sustainable beauty harnessing the power of science, nature, and technology

03.11.23 By Interstellar Lab

Interstellar Lab paves the way to sustainable beauty harnessing the power of science, nature, and technology

The visionary biotech startup Interstellar Lab, developing a biofarming platform that combines cutting-edge hardware, AI-enabled control, and science for high-precision botanicals participates in the incubation program from L’Oréal Green Sciences Incubator.

The recently initiated incubation project between Interstellar Lab and L’Oréal Green Sciences Incubator evolves around the shared belief that the future of beauty lies at the intersection of science, nature, and technology. Interstellar Lab, an American-French biotech startup founded in 2018, develops, builds, and operates biofarming solutions to optimize plant cultivation and molecular composition on Earth and also in space. The highly controlled environment modules developed by Interstellar Lab enable sustainable, high-precision cultivation of high-value-added plants used by the Natural Ingredients, Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals and Food industries.

Interstellar Lab’s first product, BioPod, is an AI-controlled biofarm that accelerates production cycles and increases production of bioactive compounds in plants. BioPod delivers a sustainable cultivation tool that anticipates the challenges of sourcing plants and the environmental impact of producing natural ingredients. Employing an integrated water treatment system, BioPod uses 99% less water than traditional agriculture and eliminates waste and runoff. Its systems capture CO2 from Earth’s atmosphere to enrich the controlled environment inside its inflated cocoon. It does not require a foundation and can be installed anywhere without harming its environment, minimizing environmental disruption, and allowing soil to regenerate under its structure. 

The incubated project supports L’Oréal for the Future’s commitments, specifically that by 2030, 95% of its ingredients will be bio-sourced, derived from abundant minerals or from circular processes. By merging biology and new technologies, Interstellar Lab has created a unique and groundbreaking field of knowledge and innovation that contributes to L’Oréal Green Sciences approach. Interstellar Lab and L’Oréal will be exploring the potential of BioPod to source a variety of molecules, active ingredients.

This collaboration brings together two visionary companies dedicated to build a better future harnessing the power of nature through sustainable processes and cutting-edge technology.

L’Oréal is engaged in a transition that is profoundly changing how the beauty industry create and manufacture products. We are thrilled to collaborate with the world’s leading beauty player, using nature to redefine the future of sustainable beauty.

Barbara Belvisi, Founder and CEO (Interstellar Lab)


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