Mission & Vision

Building a future full of life, on Earth and beyond

Our Mission
Our mission is to preserve life on Earth and help it expand in Space.

“There is nothing lovelier on this planet than a flower, nor more essential than a plant. The true matrix of human life is the greensward covering mother Earth.”

Interstellar Lab embarked on a quest to learn and preserve biodiversity on Earth and help it become multi-planetary.

By using AI and advanced machinery we create automated biospheres inspired by our planet to preserve, expand and bring to the stars our knowledge of the plant kingdom.

We use technology to build a future full of life, where nature and humans thrive. On Earth and beyond.


Interstellar Lab is a biotech American-French startup whose mission is to build a future full of life, on Earth and beyond. We believe in a future where technology is enabling humans to live in harmony with nature, a future where biodiversity thrives and expands, a future where terrestrial life become multi-planetary. To build this future, we design, manufacture and operate controlled-environment biofarms that unleash the power of plants. On Earth and in Space. Our solutions combine Hardware, AI and Bioscience. We use controlled-environment technology to mimic a multitude of conditions to allow plants, fungi and microorganisms to grow faster and better. Founded late 2018 in Los Angeles, Interstellar Lab now encompasses a team of over 60 engineers, scientists, and designers currently located south of Paris (France) and in Cape Canaveral (USA), looking to expand in Los Angeles Area and Texas in 2024.

Barbara BelvisiBarbara Belvisi


Meet the brilliant minds driving our mission forward.

We are a team of engineers, scientists, and designers united by our passion for space and the environment. Our focus is on creating innovative solutions that protect life on Earth while advancing exploration into outer space.

Meet the Team

The mechanical team plays a pivotal role in installing hardware, mechanical, electrical and the ECLSS of our controlled-environment modules. Their hard work and dedication are essential to the success of our products, ensuring all components work efficiently.

  • Farmers of the FutureFarmers of the Future
    Fig 1Farmers of the Future
  • Microscope inspection in the plant labMicroscope inspection in the plant lab
    Fig 2Microscope inspection in the plant lab
  • Plant scientist inside BioPodPlant scientist inside BioPod
    Fig 3Plant scientist inside BioPod

Plant Scientists: Sowing the Seeds of Success

Our plant scientists are the backbone of our mission, utilizing their extensive knowledge in plant science and cultivation to ensure optimal growth conditions and resource management. They work hand in hand with our engineers and designers, constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible in sustainable agriculture and molecular farming.

Pioneering sustainable solutions for growing life on Earth and Space.

Our interdisciplinary team is devoted to discovering innovative technologies to shape a thriving future.

TEAM picture 2023TEAM picture 2023

Fig 1. TEAM picture 2023
  •  Maintenance and settings Maintenance and settings
    Fig 1 Maintenance and settings
  • VP of Product & CEOVP of Product & CEO
    Fig 2VP of Product & CEO
  • Plant Scientist with BioPodPlant Scientist with BioPod
    Fig 3Plant Scientist with BioPod

Designing Tomorrow with AI and Software Excellence

Our designers are vital in transforming our mission into practical, functional, and visually appealing solutions. The IT and Software team take our solutions to the next level, harnessing their expertise in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and software development to craft seamless, intelligent systems. Through the design and implementation of advanced automation and monitoring tools, they all guarantee that our sustainable solutions are backed by cutting-edge digital platforms.



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